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Hey, we're two parts from PR who really like this game! This site is upkept by both of us, though it may occasionally be updated by other parts (don't worry about it). If you also like HFR, feel free to talk to us!! Chai especially likes to chat.

About 8 🍊

hihi! i'm hyperfixating HARD on this game and have been for months, oops!! i have some fics i'm working on, & tho i don't share all of it, i doodle a lotta HFR stuff! btw i unfortunately like kale. ♥

About Chai 🎸

i'm just some guy★ i'm always listening to music cuz if there's complete silence i might die. i have fluctuating self-preservation skills and i'm voted "guy most likely to get someone else's life together!" :9